Tech Pacific exterminates the bug

Tech Pacific exterminates the bug

Tech Pacific's managing director, David Cullen, announced last week the distribution giant is "about 99 per cent" Y2K compliant after completing a detailed and expensive compliance program.

"We have taken the business through the whole process and we are about 99 per cent compliant," Cullen said. "So, our customers can have confidence in the fact that we will be operating properly next year.

"We will be able to supply product throughout the rest of this year and next year without any issues."

While Cullen said he knew of other distributors who had addressed the problem, he doubted whether many had been as thorough as Tech Pacific.

"I think many of the small and medium distributors will have a lot of difficulties across their businesses, because they haven't got the infrastructure or the capital to properly address the Y2K issue," he said.

"We have seen across our business how expensive it is in terms of dollars and resources to make sure your business is 100 per cent compliant.

"So I would be concerned if I was a reseller to make sure my distributor was 100 per cent compliant."

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