eStore grabs a headstart

eStore grabs a headstart

When online retail startup eStore launched in March this year, it claimed that not being weighed down by a bricks and mortar shop legacy gave it the inside running in what would be a market with explosive growth.

While still having some catching up to do on Harris Technology, eStore has secured the jump on the many that are yet to enter this accelerating market.

Four months after launching, eStore's managing director, Steven Spilly, is still convinced this is the case and following significant early interest from buyers, he is surprised that more retailers aren't jumping on the online trading bandwagon.

"In our first month [March] we did around $100,000 and we have definitely grown from there," Spilly said of the business that is a 100 per cent online store. "We were expecting a lot less so that has been a very encouraging start.

"The first two weeks of July were bigger than the whole of June and our June turnover was double what we did in May."

Spilly said that while there are sev-eral hundred companies selling computers on the Internet, he could count on one hand the number that have "committed the resources" required to deliver full e-commerce functionality.

"I still think there isn't enough competition out there," he said. "I would like to see a few more in the game because it gives the whole market credibility. [Online retailers] are never going to capture even 50 per cent of the whole market, but 30 per cent of a much larger market is well worth chasing.

According to Spilly, eStore (a privately owned company) has learned a lot in the first four months of operations and is about to give the Web site its third new look and feel as it fine-tunes "what works and what doesn't".

"What the customer is really after is an environment where they can find the product they want very quickly and easily and then purchase it in a secure environment," he said. "Unfortunately, it takes some investment to create that."

"We are starting to see a lot of repeat orders over the last few weeks, so the effort we are putting into building customer loyalty is paying off. If they are coming back, then I have to assume they are happy with that and they have found it to be a good way to purchase product."

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