IT organisations face wrenching change

IT organisations face wrenching change

IT organisations can best survive the coming years by evolving from service providers to full business partners, according to a report by International Data Corp.

That means partnering with vendors, customers and others across their own organisations to demonstrate information technology's true value, said Mary Hartman, an analyst at the Massachusetts-based research firm.

According to Hartman, increasing competition in the business world is placing more pressure on IT organisations, and as a result they must respond to business requests faster.

They must also deal with the fast-paced evolution of technology, as well as workforce issues such as labour shortages and mobile workers, Hartman said.

If IT organisations focus on offering strategic technology that provides economic value to the business, they're more likely to succeed, she said. However, if they fail to evolve, their businesses won't realise the full benefits of technology - and the organisations themselves could face budget cuts and downsizing, Hartman said. IT departments will also need to work more closely with outsourcers.

Those changes will also alter the role of the CIO, possibly giving each business unit a CIO who reports to a centralised IT consulting office, Hartman said.

The central office would set the protocols and policies, with each CIO implementing them, she predicted.

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