Wizard conjures up speed

Wizard conjures up speed

US-based developer Kiss Software last week launched Modem Wizard 4.0 in Australia.

The pioneer offering in this range of products, the Wizard is designed to optimise the performance of modems, including delivering faster speeds and fine-tuning Windows operating systems to allow for better operating environments.

The software utility claims to be able to fix the 387 most common modem problems through a series of features, such as TrueSpeed, Fix-up and Speed-up-optimiser.

All the user needs to provide is a modem, ISDN, cable or T1 connection. Modem Wizard 4.0 runs on Windows 95/98/NT and 5MB of disk space. The Wizard is available now from computer and department stores around Australia for $49.95.

Modem Wizard 4.0

TrueSpeed - tells you the speed of your Internet connection, not just the baud rate of the modemFix-up - finds and fixes the most common modem and Internet problemsSpeed-up-optimiser - fine-tunes variables inside the Windows operating systemTune-up - improves download and upload speedsCheck-up - provides access to the details behind a modemPack-n-go - allows Internet connections to be moved between multiple machines

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