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LANSA Unveils Breakthrough Software Suite 'LANSA 2005'

  • 10 June, 2005 11:47

<p>Sydney, Australia — June 9, 2005 — LANSA, a global provider of enterprise application development and integration software, today announced at its Australian LANSA User Group meeting the availability of LANSA 2005™ for the Asia Pacific region. The new release is major upgrade to LANSA’s cross-platform application development and integration suite.</p>
<p>LANSA 2005 is a powerful suite of application development and integration products that enables organizations to overcome the complexity inherent in delivering today’s applications. What makes LANSA different from other offerings is that developers have to master only one easy-to-learn skill set.</p>
<p>LANSA 2005 delivers breakthrough application modernization, integration and extension capabilities for IT development teams and software vendors of multiple platforms, including Windows and iSeries servers and multiple databases running on these platforms.</p>
<p>Andy Brown, executive chairman at Neller Pty Ltd, a pioneer developer of computerized payroll systems in the Australian market place and a LANSA Solution Partner, said, ”LANSA 2005 is a major new release. We are going to explore how we can benefit from LANSA's Service Oriented Architecture and Web services in our Preceda offering."</p>
<p>Rapid Application Development and Productivity</p>
<p>Visual LANSA provides a comprehensive Windows-based development environment. From this single code base you can deploy applications to multiple platforms including Windows, iSeries, UNIX, Linux and Wireless devices. Visual LANSA developers use LANSA’s platform independent Object Repository and high-level business language to develop 5250, Web-browser and Windows rich client programs. Its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides developers with a demonstrably more productive capability to design, develop, debug and deploy applications.</p>
<p>The Visual LANSA Framework provides the necessary business infrastructure and security for developers to rapidly prototype, develop and implement Windows and browser applications from a single application model. The Visual LANSA Framework prototype translates into the end-user application using an XML-based snap-in architecture. This architecture leads to a tremendous reduction in application maintenance and the short learning curve substantially reduces your start-up costs.</p>
<p>Web Services</p>
<p>Using a feature of LANSA 2005 called Web Application Modules (WAMs), you can produce sophisticated n-tier Web applications using the WYSIWYG painter's drag-and-drop capabilities, while using the same high-level business language to implement the business rules and processes.</p>
<p>LANSA 2005 WAMs may also expose themselves as Web services. The WAM architecture separates business logic from presentation by means of a layer called the Technology Service Provider (TSP). This protects applications built upon WAMs from changes in the user interface layer, meaning they will readily adapt to the next wave of user interface technologies. Simply plug-in a new TSP and go.</p>
<p>It is this architecture also that enables WAMs to interoperate with .NET or Java applications. In addition, LANSA 2005 empowers developers to use Java services seamlessly in their applications, including vastly simplified access to and implementation of Web services from LANSA and 3GL programs alike.</p>
<p>For organizations starting down the Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) path, LANSA 2005 provides the necessary tools and architecture.</p>
<p>Multiple Server Platforms, Devices and Presentation Technologies
Using a single development methodology, developers can build applications that may be deployed to multiple server platforms, Web Services or any browser-capable devices such as Palm, Pocket PC and WAP-enabled phones. Because the business logic is separated from presentation, applications built today using WAMs will be capable of delivering their user interface using tomorrow's presentation technologies — without impact on the business logic.</p>
<p>Any-to-Any Integration
LANSA 2005 enables developers to quickly build A2A and B2B applications. LANSA Integrator features built-in support for multiple transport protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SMS, SOAP) and multiple data formats (XML, EDI, CSV, XLS, etc.). Other services help automate the creation of Zip and
PDF files and the conversion of iSeries spool files to PDF documents. An integration studio now lets developers administer, configure, debug and deploy applications for integration with disparate systems inside and outside your organization.</p>
<p>CEO Pete Draney sums up LANSA's enthusiasm for LANSA 2005, “This release is the culmination of the largest effort yet undertaken by LANSA and represents a significant milestone in LANSA's 17 year history of delivering world class Application Development tools. LANSA 2005 delivers on our plans to support next-generation application architectures."</p>
<p>About LANSA
LANSA is a software company that develops, sells, supports and services the LANSA suite of Application Development and Application Integration software. LANSA was founded in 1987 with an original goal of producing solutions that take the pain out of software development and maintenance. Today, with over 225 employees worldwide, LANSA supports 7,000 customers in more than 67 countries and over 300 Business Partners globally. LANSA supports customers and partners across Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Middle East and Africa. The LANSA Product Center - based in Sydney, Australia - houses the research and development team. For more information visit</p>

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