Net to combat piracy

Net to combat piracy

Antivirus and utility software vendor Symantec plans to use the Internet as a weapon to reduce piracy in the Asia-Pacific.

The vendor's Internet strategy to distribute software will be mainly targeted at small businesses and consumers in the region, said Garry Sexton, vice president, Symantec Asia-Pacific.

"We see it as an opportunity to reduce piracy in parts of Asia where users find it difficult to get in contact with our channel," he said. "With the Internet, these people can have access to original products from us."

As is common practice, fulfilment of orders will be done physically. But Sexton suggested that electronic order fulfilment wasn't far away. The vendor's products will soon be packaged to cater to electronic sales.

"We could also create modularised versions of our products, each containing specific features. The buyer decides what features they want and purchases these modules online, upon which the product is sent to the buyer electronically as well. Being modular, bandwidth issues relating to order downloads are addressed."

To create a long-term relationship with customers, the vendor will continue contact with buyers by providing information updates on viruses and the like.

"The Internet will reduce piracy because the relationship with the vendor will be long term," Sexton stressed.

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