Apple turns to new chip source

Apple turns to new chip source

Apple has announced it will move to source its silicon chips from two suppliers after a shortage of Motorola chips forced it to delay PowerMac G4 computer shipments.

Apple's corporate affairs manager Myrna Van Pelt said the company had previously relied on a single supplier for its chips, but now a deal between Motorola and IBM means Apple will buy chips from both suppliers.

"I don't believe the delay will strain our relationship with Motorola," Van Pelt said. "Now, rather than rely on a single supplier, we are broadening to IBM as well. Having a dual source decreases vulnerability and it's just a better way of managing inventory."

Van Pelt said Apple will honour all PowerMac orders placed by October 13 with the original configurations and prices, but the 500MHz models will not be available until next year.

She said customers can place new orders now but they will have to wait a week before the 450MHz models ship.

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