Volante forges reseller alliance

Volante forges reseller alliance

In a bid to extend its geographic coverage and strengthen its position beyond the eastern states, Volante has inked an equity partnership with South Australia's largest IBM and Apple reseller, the CPM&S Group of companies.

Volante bought an undisclosed majority share in CPM&S, and the SA company will be operating as a separate business unit of the Volante group, according to Wayne Morris, managing director of Volante.

CPM&S' management team will remain the same and CPM&S will incorporate Volante's logo into its own further down the track, Morris said.

Extending Volante's geographic presence in SA was a contributing fac-tor in the union, said Morris, but having worked closely together in the past it was CPM&S' business sense which impressed the Victorian-based integrator.

"We'd been doing business together for a while, we've used them as our local partners for projects in SA and they've used us as their local partners for projects in Victoria. CPM&S has been in the market for a long time and it's got a good business structure and good management. It's a really solid, stable company which has remained profitable so the partnership just developed from there," Morris said.

CPM&S stands to gain significant e-commerce and procurement technology from the alliance, claims David Frost, managing director of CMP&S.

"The union brings with it the technology transfer we could not have developed on our own, especially in the area of e-commerce in which Volante leads the way in the Australian reseller space," said Frost.

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