Presence Online RAMS home a win

Presence Online RAMS home a win

Based on a custom-built IT infrastructure developed by Web marketing and strategy company Presence Online, RAMSdirect has won the Australian Teleservices Associations' "Call Centre of the Year (under 50 staff)" Award.

The award was based on a number of criteria including profitability, HR practices, the ability of staff to work in teams, the workplace environment, customer testimonials and IT strategy.

Coined RAMSEY, the call centre and IT solution provided by Presence Online was designed to enable RAMSdirect to simplify the complex business processes associated with processing a mortgage, according to Paul Kennedy, national sales manager of RAMSdirect.

"RAMSEY, the solution designed and delivered by Presence Online, played a significant part in us winning the award," Kennedy said.

The partnership with RAMSdirect was "very significant" to Presence Online's growth over the past 12 months, according to Presence Online's company director Tim Birchall.

"We've been able to build a team around RAMS and have a guaranteed revenue stream which we invested back into the company. We wouldn't have been able to grow as much as we have in the last 12 months without this project," he said.

Birchall suggested the project afforded the primarily Internet-focused company the "credibility" to approach many large corporate clients.

When RAMSdirect, the telesales force of the emerging home-loan company RAMS Home Loans (the only non-bank home lender in Australia which originates, processes, manages and funds all its mortgages), couldn't find a suitable call centre solution Lotus steered it in the direction of Presence Online claims Birchall.

After proving Presence Online's capabilities Birchall said the company then spent 18 months in the design, development and rollout of the project.

"RAMSEY has taken the complexity out of the loan process and RAMSdirect customers can now have a loan approved in as little as 14 minutes," Kennedy said. "The procedure has been simplified for our customers and our RAMSdirect staff.

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