Bugs & fixes

Bugs & fixes


If you installed Lotus Domino Server 4.6.5, and it is your first installation of Domino (not an upgrade from a previous version), then you are missing a template. PUBNAMES.NTF is missing the group data documents for LocalDomainServers and OtherDomainServers.

Lotus officials said you can use the copy of PUBNAMES.NTF from the online resource document called Updated Domino 4.6.5 PUBNAMES.NTF Template (#21174) when you do your installation. Or, if your installation is done, go to Edit, Copy and Edit, Paste to copy the LocalDomainServers and OtherDomainServers Group documents into the Public Name & Address Book (NAMES.NSF). If you have multiple Domino servers, only do this to the initial one.


When you do a software inventory with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.2, you will not be able to query files with a date in the year 2000. You can select this date in the date dialog box, but after you click OK the date is not recorded. This is fixed in SMS 1.2, Service Pack 4, which is at


Still using Novell NetWare 3.12 or 3.2? There is a new CLIB.NLM that fixes a year 2000 problem. If an application uses CTIME API, it will return the wrong day of the week after 2/29/2000. Get file LIB312C.EXE at http://support. tidfinder.cgi?2951913.EXE.

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