NetZero joins high-speed push

NetZero joins high-speed push


United Online has rolled out a high-speed version of its NetZero dial-up service, that uses compression and caching technologies to allow for speedier surfing.

NetZero HiSpeed is aimed at dial-up users who want faster access and aren’t prepared to pay for broadband prices or don’t have it available in their areas. The service includes the company’s Platinum Internet service and is priced at $US14.95 a month.

HiSpeed requires a small software download which the company said can increase Web surfing speed by up to five times the normal dial-up rate by compressing text and graphics on a Web page before it is sent, as well as caching elements of sites that users visit, eliminating the need to re-load data when a user returns to a site.

The new service comes on the heels of a similar service launched by rival EarthLink. EarthLink Plus is priced at $US28.95 a month and includes priority technical support, eight email inboxes, and 10MB of Web space.

Both companies gained comp­ression and caching technologies from partners to accelerate their dial-up offerings. NetZero licensed technologies from SlipStream Data, while EarthLink is powering its Plus offering with Propel Software’s Web accelerator.

The Internet access prov­iders’ foray into high speed dial-up speaks to the still large majority of Internet users who have not yet adopted broadband service.

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