TABLOID: The wall hits Compaq

TABLOID: The wall hits Compaq

When an aging musician and an IT vendor get together in an attempt to create some synchronicity, as did Sting and Compaq recently for an advertising campaign, everybody has an opinion as to what it all means.

Certainly some sections of Wall Street took to the announcement with a big stick.

It has been reported on a US-based news-wire service that Compaq's use of Sting's Brand New Day song as the theme for a commercial "didn't go down too well with some sections of Wall Street".

Computerwire, a New York-based online news publisher said: "Compaq told the Street that Sting 'maps directly to our brand values as a company. He's gutsy. He's confident. He's been in the market for a long time.'"However, it then went on to quote various Wall Street analysts questioning the sanity of such a partnership. One even described it as "terrible advertising".

"What's the differentiated message? Why will I do business with Compaq instead of IBM or HP? Because Compaq has an exclusive with Sting?"

It is suggested that the campaign was signed, sealed and delivered prior to the arrival of the big Q's new head honcho, Michael Capellas, as it seems this is not his cup of tea when it comes to marketing direction.

Thanks for the mammaries

By Cat Beauchamp

Number 341 in ARN Tabloid's "shameless grab for publicity" file has been allocated to the Hilad Corporation which tried to exploit an innocent group of American football cheerleaders who pranced into Sydney recently.

While the game for which the dentally-blessed darlings were in town for was a yawn, some of the promotions, especially those involving the all-American girls, drew considerably more attention.

The hype was over an encounter between last year's Super Bowl contestants Denver and San Diego. As luck would have it, several members of the Tabloid sports department made their way to the Olympic venue for a first-hand taste of the apple pie on offer. Unanimous was the verdict by the hacks in attendance that the best entertainment of the day was off the field - and in skirts - not on it.

However, to launch its NFL-based strategy game, GameDay 99, in Australia, the promoter arranged a performance by six of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders in the mall outside Grace Bros city store, where they danced and signed posters.

A Tabloid reporter caught them in the act and secured the photo as evidence of another fame-seeking felony. In their well practised poses for the camera here are Broncettes Sarah, Courtney, Jennifer, Renee, Kimberley and Susan.

Tabloid will expose any such thinly-clad grab for publicity, and to Sarah, with the utmost regard for her professionalism, we say, "Thanks for the mammaries."

Big Blue seeks Freedom

Tabloid was interested to note that a press release from none other than IBM came complete with a contact number that linked IT hacks to a lovely receptionist at Freedom Furniture's national headquarters.

As IBM is a company that prides itself on striving to achieve perfectionism, Tabloid is obliged to report that even "big blue" operatives go to the toilet every now and again, just the same as the rest of us.

The confusion came when the PR agency that assembled the release mismatched the first four and the last four digits of two phone numbers of one of our favourite spin doctors, Manoj Murugan.

Interestingly, the press release, which was about the overgrown typewriter company's new eight-way Netfinity server line-up, obviously excited a lot of journalists. Four days after the press release was widely circulated, it appears that ARN was the only publication that had bothered to follow it up, according to the Freedom staffer who spoke to Tabloid.

Is this a dagger?

It seems that recently appointed Australian MD at document management specialist Tower Technology, Noel Jones, and his wife Helen may be hatching plans of their own. Was it a coincidence that they were seen taking notes at a recent performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Sydney Opera House?

Accompanying the Jones pair was Tower's marcoms schemer Julia Neill and her partner (who Tabloid hears have some nuptial plans of their own). Our spy reports that Jones has well and truly screwed his courage to the sticking plate at Tower, and as for the three witches, well . . .

CA World 99 gems

"The Internet has totally changed the whole world."

"Future competition can come from anywhere. If you don't look out you could become road-kill on the information superhighway."

"In the future, there will not be any Internet companies. Every company will be an Internet company."

"There will come a time when bandwidth and processing power will not be an issue."

There were plenty more.

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