Scanners suit suite

Scanners suit suite

Epson and Micrografx are bundling scanners and software for Windows 95 users. Specifically, Epson's GT-8500 and GT-9000 flatbed scanners are being offered with the Micrografx's ABC Graphics Suite. Koula Mamalikos, Epson's marketing services coordinator, points out the advantages of bundling. "One of the most common questions asked when purchasing a scanner is 'What image-editing software should I buy?' Bundling ABC Graphics with our scanners offers users a total colour solution with a variety of image-editing applications all in one package that is suited for Windows 95." Mamalikos said the scanners can be purchased separately.

Further interest in Epson's scanners may be created with its recently launched television ad campaign aimed at redefining the company's image. "Epson is not just printers; we also manufacture scanners and multimedia projectors. We couldn't keep the old image of 'Australia's most switched on printers', " said Mamalikos. The new image has been tagged RealisTech. Developed by an Australian agency, Mamalikos says the commercial features robots interacting in a "futuristic world".


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