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In Briefs

Gateway 2000 drops Osborne name

SYDNEY - Gateway 2000, a combination of the old Osborne and US-based Gateway 2000, has launched its new product range, but dropped the "Osborne" part of its monicker. The new range is a complete overhaul of its old systems, with Pentium and P6 systems, and multimedia featuring. The range starts at $2,449 for a P5-75 Pentium system and increases to $8,599 for the G6 Pentium Pro workgroup server and workstation.

"Selling directly to our customers, we are also able to pass on our efficiencies and cost savings through lower prices," said John Morrisey, managing director of Gateway 2000. Morrisey said the G6 workstation is based on Intel's Pentium Pro chip, and comes with 32Mb RAM, a 2Gb hard disk, a 4Mb WRAM video card and Windows NT with Microsoft Office 95. The company has yet to gain official Preferred Supplier listing for the Federal Government, after Osborne lost the P60 status last May.

However, the company is slowly making inroads into State government departments, Morrisey said.

Gateway has also announced that it is dropping the Liberty range of subnotebook computers, and focusing solely on the Solo line. The company has relaunched the Solo, with either a 90MHz ($5,499) or 120MHz ($6,999) processor, and an SVGA (800 by 600) Richard MainStep through Gateway to big-screen PC-TV SAN MATEO, California - Gateway 2000 in the US will soon launch a new large-screen PC that can be used to watch television and that also features a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Destination multimedia system, which will ship in the US in the second quarter of this year for less than $US4,000, will be compatible with PC and Internet applications. It will ship with a 120MHz Pentium processor, 16Mb of RAM, a 28.8Kbit/sec fax modem and a CD-ROM drive.

A button on the remote control mouse will allow users to switch between the PC and TV. The touchpad-equipped keyboard and mouse will operate up to 4.5 metres from the 31in screen.

"The Destination system will move the home computer out of the home office and into the family room," said Ted Waitt, Gateway 2000 chairman and CEO. "It will bring people together by merging PC applications in a television environment."

The system also will appeal to schools and corporations, he said.

Gateway 2000's Australian operation does not intend to bring the Destination multimedia system into Australia in the near future, according to a Elinor Mills

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