InfoWorld available on PalmPilots

InfoWorld available on PalmPilots

As technology junkies, we've got our share of avid PalmPilot users at ARN. So you can understand why we are very excited to be able to offer handheld-toting readers a version of InfoWorld Electric, the online version of InfoWorld, ARN's sister publication. Called InfoWorld to Go, this informative facility may be accessed and read on PalmPilots.

We are able to do this through a partnership we're announcing this week with a new company called AvantGo. The company's software, AvantGo Desktop and AvantGo Client, allows companies to extend enterprise applications and intranets - and now content channels - to users of handheld computers.

Mobile information source

AvantGo supports the Palm Computing platform (the Palm III and the PalmPilot) as well as the IBM WorkPad PC Companion and, soon, Microsoft Windows CE-compatible devices.

We are thrilled to be AvantGo's only mobile source of information on enterprise computing. InfoWorld to Go includes our top 10 news stories, updated daily from our Web site (, plus weekly product reviews from the Test Center and opinions from our back-page columnists Bob Metcalfe, Robert X. Cringely, Nicholas Petreley, and Mark Tebbe.

To subscribe to the InfoWorld channel, go to or follow directions published on InfoWorld Electric at: you subscribe to our channel, you'll get InfoWorld to Go delivered to your handheld every time you hotsync.

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