Increasing potential in DVD

Increasing potential in DVD

In the next millennium, DVD (digital video disc) technology will play as big a role in the area of business applications as it does for entertainment. When that happens the whole viability of technology for retailers will improve.

Robert Chua, executive chairman of Singapore-based DVD distributor ACE Daikin ACE Daikin, expects DVDs to emerge as a powerful and dynamic medium for "visualising" Internet shopping, accelerating e-commerce, and creating superior quality corporate presentations and training programs.

"Already, we can see the power of DVDs although we have yet to fully understand or harness the enormous potentials," he said.

Quoting figures from InfoTech, a research organisation, Chua said that 28 million DVD ROM (read only memory) drives will have been installed in PCs globally by the end of 1999, with an annual growth projected at over 140 per cent for both software and hardware.

The number of DVD home players worldwide is expected to reach 4.2 million in 1999 and 6.8 million in 2000.

"Although filmmakers have produced thousands of DVD movie titles that capitalise on DVDs' high storage capacity, it is not yet fully exploited by other industries.

"This is partly due to the lack of readily available high-quality video and audio material or content, the initial high cost of DVD video encoders and replication systems, and relatively expensive DVD drives and discs," Chua explained.

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