OneRealm clears code for translation

OneRealm clears code for translation


Whether you're a software developer assigned to an international project or an IT manager charged with getting your team's code ready for a global initiative, I18N Expeditor 2.0 from OneRealm may be capable of helping you get the job done.

By forcing developers during the development stage to code in a way that won't create translation conflicts, the product can prevent an expensive re-engineering effort later, after the product's staff has probably moved on to other projects.

I18N Expeditor makes it possible for companies to do an effective job of internationalisation in-house, with development team members checking and repairing their own C/C++ and Java code.

One of the best features of I18N Expeditor is that it provides plenty of documentation on what internationalisation means, allowing users to become familiar with the prevailing issues.

The documentation helped me understand how local conventions such as time and date format, units of measure, and currency make translation impossible.

I found the I18N interface easy to use, and I quickly felt at ease. At start-up, I was greeted with a wizard enquiring which type of source my project files would contain, whether I wanted to include options such as user-defined edits from an external option file, and lastly, which source file I was going to use.

The files are processed similarly to a compile function in which all program source code, including that stored in header files, is analysed for potential problems. The product then outputs diagnostics and summary statistics.

Once the source-code analysis was completed, I was presented with a tree-type structure indicating which code segments had problems. In my Java code, the product found problems such as defining local variables as "X". When I instructed the tool to automatically correct the error, I was greeted with a new, altered line of source.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to create user-defined rules.

For example, I specified that I wanted to have the tool automatically perform the same code check but to automatically fix the problems without being prom-pted. Once this operation was completed, all that was necessary was to save the corrected file.

If you're engaged in a development project with an eye toward international markets, you should consider deploying OneRealm I18N Expeditor to speed you toward that goal. The product's capability of rooting out code that could trip up your translation efforts will add productivity to your project schedule and speed time to market.

The bottom line

I18N Expeditor Version 2.0

Summary: I18N Expeditor 2.0 is a tool that analyses software source code with the intention of finding items that could create errors if the software were ported for use in a foreign country. The product can identify errors and make suggestions for resolving them, long before they become a productivity bottleneck.

Business Case: I18N Expeditor is sure to save money because it isolates errors when they are cheapest and most expeditious to fix - during the initial development process. For companies that need to deliver globally compatible code, the product should deliver better quality, faster time to market, and higher revenue from international markets.


Easy to use

Capable of marking and correcting errors automatically Comprehensive help and tutorialCons:

Somewhat large memory footprint

Platform support limited to Windows

Platforms: Windows 95/98, Windows NT.

Cost: Available on application at sales@onerealm.com

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