Syntegra wins $10.9M deal with CFP

Syntegra wins $10.9M deal with CFP

Systems and e-business integrator Syntegra Australia has won a $10.9 million deal with Combined Financial Processing (CFP).

The agreement will see Syntegra design, test, implement and manage a new TCP/IP WAN and host-managed services for 140 credit union sites across Australia.

Rick Greengrass, a director at Syntegra, said the deal included a three-year extension to the current facilities management contract with CFP.

"What this really does is continue to secure our very strong position within the credit union movement," Greengrass said. "This is one of [more than] half a dozen major contracts we have within the credit union movement."According to Greengrass, credit unions are one of the niches Syntegra operates in. "It's a niche that, because of CFP, we found ourselves in . . . I'm actually a great believer in focussing on things and I felt here was a niche that could be focussed on."In addition to the deal with CFP, Syntegra has been carrying out work for CFP's members. Greengrass uses the example of signing contracts to deliver extended local area networks.

"Technology has to serve the customer's requirements," Greengrass said. "The more you know about the way the customer works and the more you know about their industry and their business, the more you can supply."CFP general manager Robert Battye said that for the last three years Syntegra had provided CFP support for its hosts and wide area network (WAN). "We were keen to migrate our existing network to offer our users greater functionality and access to new applications and technologies," Battye said. "Syntegra was contracted to design and implement such a network as they had the most in-depth knowledge of our business and practices. CFP will contract Syntegra for a further three years to provide managed service support across our total environment."Syntegra is also providing CFP with managed services for the Unix and NT hosts, WAN, help desk, disaster recovery firewall management, Internet access and other shared facility infrastructure support.

Ongoing relationship

Greengrass said Syntegra, worldwide, was very much an organisation that used technology to deliver business change to its customers. He said this allowed them to suggest to its customers other ways in which they could use technology ". . . and just try and change the paradigm the whole time".

He agreed this leant itself to an ongoing relationship, adding that "it's only ongoing as long as you keep them [customers] satisfied, obviously.

"Very much we're a business that's in it for the long run," Greengrass said, with Syntegra aiming to keep customers for a minimum of five years. "This is a business that's very expensive to win . . . so the important thing is, having won it, is to actually satisfy the customer and by doing that rewinning it becomes a less expensive exercise."Greengrass added that Syntegra was a wholly owned, but autonomous, division of BT.

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