Prince of Persia returns

Prince of Persia returns

Hoping to capture a generation of devotees to the original Prince of Persia, The Learning Company's Red Orb Entertainment unit last week launched the long awaited Prince of Persia in 3D, 10 years after the first launch.

POP 3D uses what is claimed to be the latest 3D technology and special effects to make the Prince and his surroundings more realistic than ever before.

As well as stunning, high-polygon count graphics at a high frame rate, the product also incorporates special effects such as dynamic lighting, real-time directional lighting and particle effects. On top of this are authentic sound effects and an advanced 3D audio system to complete the new Prince of Persia to make it one of the most realistic action adventure games on the market.

According to Tony Hughes, managing director for The Learning Company Asia Pacific, "We feel that the game will take its rightful place among the new legends of computer gaming, appealing to core gamers, casual players and fans of the original Prince of Persia alike."

Prince of Persia 3D is available now at a recommended retail price of $89.95.

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