Remote backup presents healthy opportunity

Remote backup presents healthy opportunity

The margins are healthy, but only for the select few. Enterprise tape library storage specialist Quantum ATL has announced a partnership with Veritas Software and Computer Associates to deliver a plug and play remote backup solution called LANvault.

The box is designed to provide easy installation at remote branch offices such as banks, allowing central control and maintenance by a corporation's IT department.

And at margins of between 15 and 20 points on a unit that sells for $17,500, Quantum admits it is a healthy proposition for its two existing resellers, Dawn Technologies and Information Gateways.

A third reseller is also close to signing up for the Asia-Pacific region, but details were not revealed. The company's local distributor is ACA Pacific.

Rick Sewell, Quantum ATL's marketing manager, explained the system requires few integration skills from resellers, although there is opportunity to provide network monitoring, backup support or software support.

For the customer, however, the product appears to be an easy sell from a total cost of ownership perspective.

Graham Timm, Quantum ATL's regional director, Asia-Pacific, claims a company with 100 remote sites can expect to pay $5 million over three years for a "traditional" backup solution, while LANvault reduces the cost to around $1.6 million.

The integrated DLTtape library and dedicated back-up server comes pre-loaded from the reseller with the customer's enterprise software of choice such as Veritas' Backup Exec or CA's ARCserveIT, and plugs straight into the network.

Timm said it is designed to automatically identify and establish itself of the corporate network with minimal intervention from IT staff.

It is supported by a Web portal Quantum ATL said provides LANvault registration and access to a raft of tools including Windows NT patches, backup restore patches and firmware.

The company expects to sell 2000 units worldwide during the 1999 financial year, with the objective of increasing this to 4000 the following year.

"The challenges are trying to get people to appreciate what LAN Vault will do for them," Timm said.

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