PALMSOURCE 99: Focus on wireless, business apps

PALMSOURCE 99: Focus on wireless, business apps

New software and services that extend the Palm computer's wireless capabilities, as well as a host of new offerings aimed at corporate users, were on the menu for Palm Computing's annual PalmSource conference last week.

Many of the new products and services were aimed at large corporations, in line with Palm Computing's goal of making the Palm an integral part of daily business life.

Among the announcements, unveiled a service that gives Palm users access to collaborative applications such as a calendar and contact list that are hosted by on the Web. Users choose the applications they want to use by setting up an account at the company's Web site, and can synchronise data with their handheld using the Palm docking station, or wirelessly using a Palm VII and WeSync's Wireless Refresh technology.

JP Systems announced a partnership with Certicom to incorporate that company's encryption technology within JP Systems' OneTouch e-mail and Infobeam wireless messaging system for the Palm. JP Systems will also partner with wireless communications firm Widcomm to offer software for Handspring's Visor computer that lets users access e-mail using Bluetooth, an emerging wireless technology that connects devices in the home or office at a distance of up to about 100 metres.

Privately held TRG Products, which makes add-in memory boards for Palm computers, unveiled a new handheld computer based on the Palm operating system.

Nettech Systems announced a suite of middleware that helps developers write wireless applications for tapping into corporate databases. The middleware will allow Palm users to access databases directly using an external modem or the Palm VII's wireless capabilities, but without having to go through Palm's service.

That will allow companies that already offer packaged applications for the Nettech architecture, including Sybase, to easily retool them for use in wireless Palm computers, a Nettech spokeswoman said.

For consumers, announced a new query application for the Palm VII, the BarPoint Shopper. Using the wireless service, the application allows users to read product descriptions online, do comparison shipping and purchase goods, the company said in a statement.

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