Cendura adds automation, maps dependencies

Cendura adds automation, maps dependencies

Cendura said Tuesday it plans to upgrade its software next month to provide more detailed configuration collection and automatically map dependencies among server, application and network components.

Cohesion 3.5 will include new features to automatically discover application components and map the relations among them and the network infrastructure. A new software module called Dependency Visualization has the ability to, without agents, discover servers, applications and services -- including software components such as databases, application and Web servers and network devices such as load balancers.

"We are able to show all the lines connecting IT components together," says P.J. Iyer, a product marketing manager at Cendura. "The software discovers the systems, puts them into a tiered architecture map and visualizes dependencies, which helps IT staff identify configured relationships, troubleshoot errors, pinpoint problems and perform impact analysis."

Cohesion software collects data from servers supporting applications across a network and uses blueprints of popular applications such as PeopleSoft and Web servers such as Apache to compare customer configuration against an ideal setup. The software contains a repository of these ideal configurations, policies and best practices.

Cohesion uses agents on managed application and Web servers and APIs to discover the elements of an application environment. Add-on modules pinpoint specific areas such as configuration, troubleshooting, and audit and compliance. The software can pinpoint where changes need to be made to optimize performance, the company says.

"We can set up rules to alert IT staff when a change occurs, do a variety of comparisons with configurations such as actual vs. ideal, and help IT managers get a picture of their application infrastructure," Iyer says.

Also with this release, Cendura added more discovery capabilities at the network layer. The software can discover and collect configuration data from IP-based devices and determine the port being used by applications. Cohesion 3.5 can also detect what Cendura calls embedded configurations, which could be a URL, socket connections, directory references or a Java Database Connectivity pool string. The company says the more detailed the configuration data, the more likely customers will be able to prevent performance and availability errors.

Cendura competes with the likes of Collation, Configuresoft, Relicore and Troux Technologies in the software configuration management area.

Scheduled to ship next month, Cohesion 3.5 costs about US$150,000, depending on the operating system, number of servers managed and agents distributed.

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