Unhappy retailers par for the course: Penman

Unhappy retailers par for the course: Penman

Australian retailers are apparently just a bit too conservative when it comes to change, at least according to Compaq.

The company has emerged triumphant after traumas encountered last week when it was forced to consolidate its relationship with Coles Myer following repeated industry speculation that the two would part company.

But according to Compaq's managing director, Ian Penman, the potential for conflict with retailers as a result of the company's retail store rollout is to be expected.

When questioned about his reaction to the retail revolt led by Harvey Norman, Penman remained unchanged in his position about the company's attitude towards the issue.

"That [unhappiness] is always going to be the case with retailers," he said. "It's any competition they don't like."

Penman said Compaq's Connect stores are the product of market research.

"This is a customer-driven strategy, not a Compaq-driven strategy," he said.

It appears the experience of coping with unhappy retailers remains a necessary part of Compaq's desire to reach the second-time computer buyer through its own stores.

"There is no doubt some customers want a direct relationship with Compaq," he said.

"We don't want to exclude from customers the ability to decide who they want to deal with."

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