IPSCon99: HP wants to bond with ISPs

IPSCon99: HP wants to bond with ISPs

In the Internet universe of Hewlett-Packard's Nick Earle, more and more traditional business models are falling by the wayside, as development of electronic commerce accelerates to the speed of light.

Internet service providers can no longer rely on only providing customers with simple access to the Internet, Earle said this week in a keynote speech at the ISPCon Fall '99 trade show here, because businesses want to conduct transactions instantly. ISPs must adapt to their demands and provide the means to conduct transactions, he said.

In other words, they must become applications service providers.

Earle, head of HP's enterprise computing solutions division, said that businesses using the Internet are fast realising that in order to prosper, they need to provide more than simple Internet access. As a result, they will turn to the ISP that offers them the best way to adapt to the new e-commerce economy. For ISPs, the message is clear: adapt or die, Earle said.

"There are still a lot of people who don't get it," Earle added.

"It's not about the battle for eyeballs [Web site hits] or about a [site design] beauty show," he said. "It's about transactions end to end," because businesses are seeking instant, brokered sales, orders and decision-making.

"We see everything going down to the component level, so that whatever people want to do, you create a service for them," Earle said. "It's about automated services -- who has the best prices."

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