All we want is a little understanding . . .

All we want is a little understanding . . .

The annual IT marcoms fest `Understanding the IT Media' has again brought that tired truism to the fore, and done nothing to dispel the whining reputation invariably ordained upon IT scribes.

In Sydney's glamorous Sheraton on the Park last week, one of Tabloid's favourite PR chickeries, Recognition, ran its seminar to enlighten, inform and enthuse those IT channel heroes in their marketing department ivory towers to better deal with the media.

The channel doesn't need those high-priced PR flacks, and it doesn't need those precious page filling pen pushers - just good ol' down and dirty Tabloid-type reporters.

Cop these as a sample of the gripes heard from the IT hacks at last week's bunfest.

The first chestnut among the tales of who lamented to the assembled IT marketing throng was from IDG's own Linda Kennedy. `I was approached by a company with an idea for a major story, an absolute exclusive, only to find that as we prepared to do the story, the exclusive had also been given to another magazine.'

Kennedy says she has not taken up a story from that company since, saying, `Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me.' editor David Higgins had a gripe about embargo breaking - that honour-bound system where `news' is released to the media with a request to not publish before a certain time or date. Naturally, the Sydney Morning Herald is above reproach on this subject.

Editor of IDG's The Wire, Ellen Cresswell, simply said, `Don't call me unless it's news' while the new online scribe, Philip Sim (see Tabloid last week), said he doesn't care how people deal with him as long as he scoops everyone else - easy to please really.

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