Tabloid- Briefs

Tabloid- Briefs

Tabloid- Briefs

Marketing the Box

Tabloid has noted that the word for the month has been `BOX'.

There is nothing unusual about the concept of putting products in boxes, but just lately the vendors have started to TELL us that they're including the box as part of the package.

In the past couple of weeks we've been told about `Video in a Box', then along came `Web in a box', and finally, last week we had `Business in a Box'.

What's next, we wonder: TV in a Box? Monitor in a Box? Keyboard in a Box? Or perhaps even Printer in a Box?

The next you know it will be Manual in a Vacuum Pack, Bickies in a Packet, Milk in a Carton or Soft Drink in a Bottle.

Doctor Yamamoto to the rescue

Epson Australia managing director Hiroki Yamamoto is a man of many talents, not the least of which is medical consultations and Japanese-Anglo translation. Both skill sets came in handy recently when, after recommending a commercially prepared herbal cure for tummy pains to a friend of Tabloid, Yamamoto-san was the only one able to explain the instructions on the packet. And as your mother has told every Tabloid reader, always read the instructions before you take any medicines.

Following his instructions, we can report that for stomach upsets, there is nothing better.

Anyone interested can e-mail us at deal more of a minnowAhh, Tabloid loves the power of the press. Last week ARN wrote about Getronics and a deal with accounting firm Douglas Heck & Burrell (October 27, page 8).

Unfortunately, estimates it was worth over $25 million per year caused a minor stir. For the record, the deal is worth over $25,000 per year - a difference Tabloid thought worth correcting.

Thought for the weak

`For those who vote against the Republic, thanks for nothing, but for those who vote for the Queen, thanks for nothing too. Her name will be Camilla' - AnonThe recent Cisco Games was a slug-it-out between disties including Express Data, LAN Systems and Tech Pacific. And when the going gets tough, well this picture of LAN Systems' Angela Coronica tells a story about a tug-of-war.

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