Developer Solutions- Hitting The market

Developer Solutions- Hitting The market

hitting the market

Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise EditionsAiming to make drawing and diagramming more accessible across the enterprise, Visio has announced the release of its diagramming and document automation software - Visio 2000 Professional Edition and Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition.

Based on the rearchitected Visio 2000 engine, Visio 2000 Professional Engine's drag-and-drop interface enables users across the enterprise to easily create detailed drawings and directory services diagrams using a number of new network-specific tools included in the software.

Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition builds on the diagramming features of Visio 2000 Professional by adding documentation automating tools for IT specialists, such as database developers who can use it to design and re-engineer systems from a wide range of database vendors.

The latest edition also offers users an opportunity to purchase the Real-Time Statistics add-on for network performance management, completing the set of Visio 2000 Enterprise's new network functionalities such as expanded network AutoDiscovery technology, Visio Network Equipment shapes, network reports, enhanced directory services diagramming and import.

Visio 2000 Professional Edition is scheduled for release ate this month at an RRP of $710. Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition should be available in mid December and will cost $1699. Business from AutodeskGraphic tools vendor Autodesk has released a new diagramming tool, Actrix Business, hoping to help business professionals quickly create flowcharts, organisation charts, sales and marketing visuals and other drawings, while also providing Atrix Technical and AutoCAD data compatibility and interoperability for more technically oriented users.

Released last month, the new software comes with a variety of user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop Content Explorer, task-specific templates including more than 1000 predefined ActiveShapes, and Windows interface. In addition, Actrix drawings can be embedded into documents from other applications and published on the Internet as HTML pages, according to the company.

The software is available now at an RRP of $199.

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