quizzer quizzed

quizzer quizzed

In an astonishing lack of what many would describe as good sportsmanship, the operators of a quiz competition at one of the IT industry's most renowned watering holes have refused to pay out a cash jackpot prize.

An IT channel identity and regular Tabloid reader has claimed that North Sydney's Greenwood Hotel should pay out the $1000 for last week's jackpot question.

The question at the centre of the dispute was `Who is the head of the Anglican Church in Australia?'

Our reader answered `Queen Elizabeth II', who he claims is the head of the Anglican Church worldwide.

A spokesperson for Quiz Masters Australia insists the answer is wrong, despite there being some confusion about the hierarchy of the church in Australia. Some sources approached by Tabloid said the answer was (Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia) Keith Raynor, others referred to Goodhew while others acknowledged there was a case in our Republican-charged society for nominating the Queen as still having the mantle.

In any case, and Tabloid is not the arbiter, there appears to be an ambiguity in the question, and as they say, money talks. This time it's shouting to the tune of a thousand bucks.

A Greenwood Hotel spokesperson claimed that it was satisfied with the organiser's explanation and stood by the answer, although he did acknowledge that the matter would be discussed further. `At this stage we're just going with the promoter,' he said.

The QMA spokesperson denied there was any ambiguity in the question. `I don't care if I don't see that bloke again,' he told a Tabloid researcher. `If he thought there was an ambiguity in the question, he should have raised it at the time,' he added.

But the quiz fancier claims that the Greenwood's three jackpot questions are almost impossible, and with no dispute over the other two correctly answered questions, the pub should pay up.

We will, as always, follow up the cause for the good of those hard workers in the IT channel around the North Sydney area who have occasion to imbibe at the landmark hotel.

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