SCO chases SMEs with UnixWare

SCO chases SMEs with UnixWare

Despite delivering shareholders good results last week, Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) is maintaining the unavailability of NT-based hardware, capable of exploiting its UnixWare enterprise-size operating system, has been holding it back.

All the major vendors are now offering eight-way Intel servers that introduce new price/performance equations. As a result, fast and reliable servers are becoming affordable to far more of the small and medium enterprise (SME) market.

`We've been ready for years and the eight-way servers now represent a massive new opportunity for us,' said Brad Scott, SCO's regional general manager.

`It is no longer a question of whether the OS is there. These days, it is all about price/performance ratios and SCO offers price/performance.'

SCO's corporate results for the financial year ending September 30 produced strong numbers for both the parent company and its Pacific regional office, Scott said. Local growth ran at 35 per cent, a figure which compared favourably to the company's global growth rate.

SCO's total revenues for the fiscal year grew 30 per cent to $223.62 million earning a net profit of $16.85 million. Twelve months earlier, the company recorded a net loss of $14.66 million on turnover of $171.9 million.

To capitalise on the expected surge of interest among SMEs - and the channel partners that cater to the lion's share of this market - SCO is also revitalising its partner programs including introducing customised marketing campaigns to qualifying resellers.

Scott said customised marketing campaigns with qualifying resellers would present a `win-win situation' to all involved.

`We are happy to work with resellers on properly developed, customised marketing initiatives in a fully funded and strategic way,' Scott said.

`A lot of companies don't have the marketing funds or the expertise to get a good marketing program happening, so that is something we would like to help them with.'

Scott also said that SCO is committed to a `strong reliable relationship' with its resellers. He said that mission-critical reliability for servers is something that hasn't been offered to SMEs in the past because it just wasn't affordable. Now it is and that is good for SCO and its resellers, he said.

`All resellers want to see is margin and services support,' Scott concluded. `We want to show them that they can build a business around SCO.'

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