The ballad of Y2K

The ballad of Y2K

The ballad of Y2K

(To the tune of Gilligan's Island)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a taleOf the doom that is our fateThat started when programmers usedTwo digits for a dateTwo digits for a dateRAM memory was smaller thenHard drives were tiny, too`Four digits are extravagantSo let's get by with twoSo let's get by with two'`This works through 1999'The programmers did say`Unless we write new code by thenThe data goes awayThe data goes away'But management had not a clue`It works fine now, you bet!

Rewriting code cost money

We won't do it just yet

We won't do it just yet'

Now when 2000 rolls around

It all goes straight to hell

For zero's less then ninety-nine

As anyone can tell

As anyone can tell

The mail won't bring your pension chequeIt won't be sent to youWhen you're no longer sixty-eightBut minus thirty-twoBut minus thirty-twoThe problems we're about to faceAre frightening, for sureAnd reading every line of code'sThe only certain cureThe only certain cureThere's not much time, there's too much codeAnd COBOL-coders, fewWhen the century is finishedWe may be finished, tooWe may be finished, too Anon

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