Network Solutions- Briefs

Network Solutions- Briefs

Network Solutions- Briefs

Exabyte launches storage software

Network backup systems vendor Exabyte has announced the launch of its NetStorM Resource Manager software, a browser-based package that allows remote management of all devices on a NetStorM network storage or storage area network architecture. The software automatically detects devices manufactured by Exabyte and its partners, collects information from these devices such as configuration, status, error reporting, and displays the information on a single console to allow single-source finetuning of devices and simplifying the entire network manage- ment process. NetStorM Resource Management software is available now. Distributors are 1World, Alepine Peripherals and Datastor.http://www.exabyte.comLucent Technologies announces WaveLANNetworking solutions provider Lucent Technologies has announced a new WaveLAN wireless local area network that is compliant with the latest 802.11b High Rate (HR) standard. The WaveLAN Turbo 11Mb system is interoperable with other high-speed 802.11b branded systems and is designed to be compliant with the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance(WECA) Wi-Fi `wireless fidelity' standard. WaveLAN Turbo 11Mb has a choice of security levels. The standard level, called the `Silver' PC Card, uses Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security, as defined by the IEEE, using a 64-bit key. The `Gold' PC Card has enhanced security with a 128-bit key using RC4 encryption. There are two authorised WaveLan distributors in Australia: Integrity Data Systems and Anixter Australia.http://www.wavelan.comPowertel enters ATM, frame relay serviceCommunications solutions provider PowerTel recently launched its ATM and frame relay services, designed to support multiple applications through a single network interface, and provide comprehensive metro-to-national connectivity. PowerTel's ATM and frame relay services operate via a number of fully meshed Cisco BPXs. Operating at speeds of 64Kbps to 622Mbps which will scale up to 2.5Gbps, its ATM technology has been designed to support integrated voice, video and data communications. According to the company, the technology is particularly apt at handling high-speed WAN transmission bursts. PowerTel's ATM is a native cell-based connection-oriented and data transmission service, which allows the integration of all types of traffic. Its frame relay is a high-speed packet-switched data carriage service.

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