Tabloid Briefs

Tabloid Briefs

What's in a name?

Tabloid noted some unfortunate ironies in two high-profile personnel movements in the IT industry last week.

As our close and unbiased friends at that erstwhile fax service, Computer Daily News, pointed out, Newbridge Networks unceremoniously dumped its CEO after bad second-quarter earnings. The outgoing chief bore the unfortunate name of Alan Lutz.

Meanwhile, over at another networking big fish Cisco, the VP in charge of the company's assault on retail products disappeared in mysterious circumstances. We hope that his name, Robba Benjamin, doesn't issue a pointer to the reasons behind such a development.

HP printers go Vrooooom

A friend of Tabloid has reported that he won a BMW Z3 Roadster for the weekend in a recent promotion by the ubiquitous vendor.

It seems that the competition involved saying in 25 words or less 'why I want a Z3 for a weekend'.

'Duh,' said our source, 'So I can pick up', was the answer that won him the BMWoohoo wheels. As to how he went . . . well Tabloid waits with interest.

The hardluck story of the Cup

Our luckless Melbourne Cup award goes to Simon Price, marketing chief at BMC, and who, while surrounded by the fairest femmes and fashions of the field found himself fending off IDG's finest.

Photographed with Price are the feathered IDG faithfuls Susan Searle and Tania Evans. Ahem . . . his 'lucklessness' was of course failing to pick the winner of the great race. In every other way his cup runneth over.

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