Dell seeks user-friendly Australians

Dell seeks user-friendly Australians

Simplified Internet access and user-friendly form factors will be Dell's ammunition as it attempts to steal Australia's number one PC spot from Compaq.

Dell's senior vice president, Kevin Rollins, said on Friday he was confident his company would soon overtake Compaq as Australia's highest-selling PC vendor.

Last month, Dell bumped Compaq off the number one PC supplier position in the US market.

Rollins was reluctant to speculate when the same would occur locally.

"For Compaq . . . it's been tough," he said about Compaq's recent direct sales move. "But we don't do predictions."

Rollins highlighted the PC's form factor as a crucial area of development for the Dell PC, and said a number of Dell PCs came in numerous shapes and colours.

He also said the PC needed to be specifically aimed at easy access to the Internet.

"The PC is dead," he said in relation to the PC as a central workstation. "We need to be connected to the Internet via many different ways."

Rollins did not reveal whether Dell's unreleased Web PC (code-named the "Webster") would follow similar trends.

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