The eCentre of the eGlobe

The eCentre of the eGlobe

A Brisbane startup is about to tap into the growing application service provider (ASP) market following the opening of what it claims to be the first international e-commerce hosting and implementation centre in Queensland.

The eCentre is part of a wider e-commerce initiative that has seen the former employees of three industry veterans, IBM, Com Tech and ICS, partner with Asian investors to form the company called eGlobal and gain access to international markets.

"eGlobal was formed from an idea at the Caxton Hotel 18 months ago with our first budget of $180,000 being written on the back of a beer coaster," said Gordon Chalmers, eGlobe's managing director. "When we started software and hardware development three months ago, [we had] an implementation plan and a budget of $1.8 million!"

Initially, eGlobe will offer its eCentre services only to clients in Australia and China, fostering the use of technology in "solving language and commercial barriers traditionally associated with trade between Australian and Asian businesses". Forming the core of its ASP offering will be its flagship business-to-business (eLink) and business-to-consumer (eCart) applications that are currently in the final stages of development.

The company has already received the thumbs up from the Asian business community with China-based Phoenix-Star Television awarding it a $1.8 million contract to host and deliver its e-business-enabled payment and development system.

According to eGlobe's sales director, Ben Shipley, the company is now looking for a range of high-end resellers in Australia that will help take the company's business that one step further.

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