HN hits the world stage

HN hits the world stage

That unstoppable and seemingly unflappable Aussie retailing kingpin Harvey Norman has made it onto the exclusive Forbes magazine list of the top 300 'small' companies in the world, but when Tabloid called for a reaction, it was news to gentleman Gerry.

When a Tabloid reporter rang Harvey Norman expecting a pre-packaged news comment from the marketing department, HN staff members were dumb-struck.

After being passed around from one extension to another, Tabloid finally hit the jackpot and was transferred to the man of the moment himself, Gerry Harvey.

Harvey had 'no idea' they were even in the running but he complimented Forbes on their good taste.

'I hope they're right,' Harvey said, when told of the prediction the 300 'small' companies would become large enterprises in the new century.

With all apologies to our publishing peers at that meritorious mag for stealing its thunder with Tabloid's favourite punter, we respectfully suggest its subscription department give Mr Norman a call.

By fawn llewellyn

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