Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Beware online auction houses

Consumers who shop for software at online auction houses are being told to be careful, following a survey of three popular online sites that found most software products offered for sale were illegitimate copies or compilations.

A survey of products from Macromedia, FileMaker, Adobe Systems and Visio offered through the eBay, ZDNet and Excite@Home auction sites found at least 60 per cent of the software being auctioned was illegitimate, the US Software & Information Industry Association said.

Of 221 auctions, the SIIA found 109 sales involved illegitimate software, 72 were for legitimate software and in 40 sales, the authenticity of the products could not be determined. `It was clear that in 60 per cent of the cases, what the sellers were selling was illegitimate,' said Peter Beruk, SIIA's vice president of anti-piracy programs.

The auction houses are cooperating with the SIIA to tighten monitoring of software sales, Beruk said.http://www.siia.netWorld's smallest server developedHungary's Kurt Computer Company claims to have created the world's smallest Web server, FlatStack.

FlatStack can be used to connect electronic equipment to any computer network including the Internet, according to Sandor Kurti, president and CEO of Kurt. FlatStack can report the equipment's status, using TCP/IP protocol, via the network. It can receive commands from the network and transmit them to the electronic equipment.

An 8-bit microcontroller-based unit, FlatStack costs between $US10-20. It is smaller than a credit card, and is likely to be incorporated into electronic devices including cameras, vending machines, alarm and monitoring systems and heating and cooling systems.

According to the head of the Hungarian development company, FlatStack can be used for a wide range of Internet and intranet applications.http://www.kurt.huIBM adds audio to HotMediaIBM has released an updated version of HotMedia, its tool kit for building Java-based audiovisual presentations on the Web. Version 2.5 adds streaming audio with selectable quality for trading off bandwidth or the listening experience, plus a way to batch-process high volumes of media content. The software is downloadable for free for individual use. For software vendors using the technology to create commercial products, IBM licenses the toolkit on a case-by-case basis.

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