Intel touts e-business

Intel touts e-business

Resellers need to target their traditional customer base with e-business solutions.

That was one of the messages from Sean Maloney, a senior vice president of Intel, and director of its sales and marketing group, responsible for sales operations worldwide, when he spoke at a briefing prior to giving an address at ASOCIO '99 in Canberra yesterday.

Maloney said Intel had been working at reinventing itself as an e-business, and had realised about a year-and-a-half ago that it needed to move quickly into the electronic business arena.

Maloney also commented that he thought there had been a real shift in distribution with computer resellers, ISPs and Web designers all now offering e-business solutions.

He believes a lot of resellers have been slow to move into offering e-business solutions, and there were a lot of ISPs who were going to be competing by moving into online equipment sales. Maloney suggested that resellers look to provide solutions to their traditional customer base. "If they focus on being able to deploy those solutions they have a good chance."

Maloney thought business-to-business, rather than business-to-consumer electronic business was the big growth area. He considered that the solutions to enable this market would be provided through both shrink-wrapped products from vendors, and resellers offering solutions to customers.

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