Network Solutions- Briefs

Network Solutions- Briefs

Network Solutions- Briefs

Intel and Nortel partner on devices

Intel and Nortel Networks have announced plans to work together to enable a new generation of software programmable networking devices.

Nortel will add elements of its Open IP Environment to Intel's Internet Exchange (IX) Architecture. The joint effort will focus on interoperability, joint marketing and developer kits. The companies plan to work together to enable the IXP1200 network processor from Level One, an Intel company, to operate with elements of Nortel's Open IP Environment.

The companies also intend to participate in joint marketing programs with Nortel marketing its Open IP Environment as a core building block component of the IX Architecture, and Intel referencing this software to other IX Architecture developers.

Siemens and NEC detail 3G joint venture

Siemens AG and NEC have announced details of Mobisphere, a joint venture designed to speed the development of third-generation mobile networks.

Siemens will hold 51 per cent of the shares of Mobisphere and NEC will hold the remaining 49 per cent, which will focus on developing 3G radio infrastructure rather than on mobile terminals, which Siemens and NEC will continue to develop separately.

The venture expects to launch UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecom-munications Systems)-compatible products by 2001, with sales expected to reach around 1.5 billion units in 2004. The joint venture will also combine the companies' expertise in two technologies being incorporated into UMTS: UMTS-FDD (frequency division duplex) and UMTS-TDD (time division duplex).

The establishment of Mobisphere must still be approved by the appropriate authorities.

D-Link announces versatile switch

D-Link has announced the availability of its DES1024F unmanaged 10/100Mb switch with two 100Mb fibre ports.

It allows users to plug any port to either a 10Mb or 100Mb node to multiply bandwidths, boost response time and satisfy heavy load demands. There is a built-in slot and it comes with two fibre ports for two secure, long-distance fibre links between two switches or between a switch and a server.

The switches support multiple port-based VLANs to extend the broadcast domain, segment network traffic and improve performance and manageability. Bay tells world about NetsMoreton Bay has announced the release of its NETtel 2520 and NETtel 2500 VPN Internet Routers at Comdex 99.

The NETtel solutions utilise connection of remote PCs by using the standard VPN connection software provided as standard with Microsoft Windows clients (Win95, Win98, Windows NT and Win2000) to set up a private network over the Internet.

NETtel routers also have remote access ports so remote users can directly dial in and connect to the office network, with users authenticated with the latest MS-CHAP2.

There is also a suite of security and filtering features to make sure Internet and remote access don't compromise network integrity. NETtel 2520 and NETtel 2500 are available now.http://www.moretonbay.comNBase-Xyplex offers ent routing switchHigh-speed networking provider Nbase-Xplex has announced its WebSwitch family of enterprise routing switches, which use Nbase's Open Linux Inter-Networking architecture.

The switches have a 10Gbps routing fabric based on an array of high-speed ASICs. Its basic configuration consists of 23 10/100Mbps Ethernet/ Fast Ethernet ports, with a network option slot supporting additional network connectivity.

Network modules planned for the first quarter of 2000 include an eight-port 10/100Mbps module, a two-port Gigabit Ethernet module and a four-port Packet-Over-Sonet (POS) module. An additional optional slot will provide support for hardware applications such as WAN connectivity (E1, T1, T3 and V.35 interfaces) and VoIP.

Newbridge Networks launches 3dSL

Newbridge Networks has launched its 3dSL solution, which allows broadcast media distribution over service provider networks.

Using Siemens/Newbridge Main-StreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch and the Newbridge 350 Integrated Versatile Services Node (IVSN), 3dSL gives connection-oriented switching fabric and QoS to deliver fully managed unicast and multicast transport capabilities directly from existing broadband network infrastructures.

The Newbridge asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching platforms used to support 3dSL can also simultaneously support other Newbridge Versatile IP solutions, such as Carrier Switched Routing and Multiservices Remote Access (M-RAS).

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