Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

ASP finds need to upgrade

CRM application services provision (ASP) company MultiNet Systems has invested significantly in upgrading its storage capacity option for EMC solutions. According to an EMC press statement, Multinet - which runs a $2.9 million-plus ASP business - selected the Symmetrix 3430 enterprise storage system and Symmetrix Manager software to manage the data resources of the company.

BEAing into Java

As part of its push to be recognised as an e-business company, enterprise solutions software developer BEA Systems has acquired a Java components building company called The Theory Center (TTC).

BEA paid approximately $US100 million in stock and cash for TTC and is going to integrate the company into its own operations. BEA claims that this acquisition gives it a first-mover advantage in the emerging adaptive applications market.

IBM leaps tall buildings

IBM systems now power 141 of the most powerful 500 supercomputing sites in the world, the vendor announced last week. The Top500 list was released at the Supercomputer 99 conference in Oregon.

All of IBM's Top500 sites were installations of RS/6000 SP parallel processing computers, which also are at the heart of the IBM `Deep Blue' chess playing system.

Former leader SGI/Cray's Top500 installations fell from 183 to 133, and Sun Microsystems was ranked third with 113 sites.

IBM said it will deliver the fastest computer system in the world next year to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which will be capable of 10,000 gigaflops (billion floating-point operations per second).

Local 128-bit server certificates

Secure Network Solutions (SNS) and Microsoft have announced the licensing of SecureNet Certificates, an SNS subsidiary, to issue high-strength 128-bit server certificates. Previously this sort of technology was only available from American companies, because the US Government is very restrictive in what encryption technology it allows out of the country.

The SNS/Microsoft deal is one of only a few that have been secured outside the US and will see Windows 2000 shipped with SecureNet CA certificates pre-loaded as a vital component of the trust chain and an enabler for mass deployment in the region.

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