Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

HP opens up Web developer software

Hewlett-Packard is making it easier for Web developers to build sites that can more efficiently exchange information and negotiate services with each other by announcing that it will make the source code of its e-speak Web brokering software freely available to developers.e-speak is an HP software technology that provides a common interface for heterogeneous Web services - such as a travel site and an online ticket reservation service - to communicate with each other over the Web. Using the software, Web developers can build sites that are capable of automatically finding and serving up services from other e-speak-enabled sites.

HP will make the e-speak source code available online from December 8 at

Star downloads reach new heights

Sun Microsystems' recently acquired `office productivity software', StarOffice, has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times since its market introduction three months ago, the company has announced.

`The overwhelming response of the market is a testament to customer demand for choice and quality in desktop productivity tools,' commented Sun executive Marco Boerries.

In addition to the Internet downloads, Sun has circulated over 500,000 promotional copies worldwide, while claiming another 500,000 are already bundled with a variety of PC, Linux and other products.

Oracle opens its world

The 1999 annual Oracle OpenWorld developers conference was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre this week. Starting on November 21, OpenWorld '99 offered Oracle developers an opportunity to catch up on the latest tools and solutions from the Larry Ellison-led camp. This year's conference focused on e-business. For more information, go to

Scared of the BubbleBoy?

The BubbleBoy Internet worm that surfaced two weeks ago doesn't do any damage and in fact takes advantage of a software hole in Microsoft's Outlook product for which a patch was issued months ago, industry experts claim.

BubbleBoy inserts a script file, UPDATE.HTA, into the Programs\ StartUp folder of the Start menu. It then e-mails the worm to everyone in a user's Outlook or Outlook Express address book. A patch for the hole is at

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