Tabloid- Briefs

Tabloid- Briefs

Tabloid- Briefs

Microsoft cocks Visio gun

It seems `the world is not enough' for the reputed software monopolist. Not content with global domination, Microsoft is in the process of swallowing Visio.

Robertson - Angus Robertson - of Visio gave a carefully veiled message to revellers gathered to watch the new James Bond movie at yet another Visio party (they're always celebrating something) in Sydney last week. But it seems the party might be over.

`Some of you might have heard about the pending Microsoft acquisition,' our Visio agent said. `I can't really talk about that because of US Government regulations, but I wanted to make sure if this was the last time we could get together like this, it was a good one.'

Or could `M' take a leaf out of `V's' book and maintain the party ethic?

More exhibitionism

One more word about the comings and goings of Australians at Comdex Fall 99 in Las Vegas. Tabloid spies report that more than a few of the Australian contingent were showing a distinct interest in the concurrent AdultDex conference and exhibition.

AdultDex is an adult entertainment show that runs parallel to Comdex each year. According to a Tabloid source, some of our starry-eyed Oz Comdex delegates were pop-eyed at the AdultDex pavilion.

Movers & shakers

Former MicroArts general manager Ivan Gomez has baled from the IT&e group to join knowledge management software vendor 80-20 Software as director of sales and marketing for the ASEAN region.

There's nothing to link Gomez's move to the impending IT&e float, though. With a reference to having taken the company through restructuring, he went for that old faithful, `After five years at [insert company name here] it was time for something different.'

It seems Gomez has suddenly become very interested in Microsoft Exchange.

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