Retail Solutions- Briefs

Retail Solutions- Briefs

Retail Solutions- Briefs

Single password the only protection for Microsoft PassportHackers can theoretically access users' confidential information, including their credit card details, by guessing the single password protecting them, Microsoft and ninemsn officials have admitted.

The Microsoft Passport `wallet', launched last week in Australia, allows consumers to store credit card, billing and other information at a single location and use it to shop at multiple online stores, Microsoft said.

The goal is to save users the hassle of re-entering their personal data at each site where they shop, and thus encourage them to do more shopping online, Microsoft says.

Harvey Sanchez, Microsoft senior marketing manager for consumer and commerce group, admitted hackers would only have to guess a user's password in order to access their personal account information or to make online purchases using their credit card details.

Sanchez said the goal of Passport was to streamline the consumer online registration process.

`It takes six visits before a consumer makes a purchase,' he said. `The important thing is to turn those six visits into one.'

Around 20 online retailers have signed up for the service through Microsoft's retail portal ninemsn.

Jack of All Games gets shag-a-delic

Multimedia entertainment software distributor Jack of All Games has announced that parent company Take-Two Interactive Software has acquired the exclusive rights to publish games based on the Austin Powers movie series.

Take-Two expects to release a series of products based on characters from both Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me for the Nintendo GameBoy Color, Sony PlayStation and PC in the Year 2000.

On a longer-term basis, the company hopes to bring Austin and Dr Evil to next-generation platforms such as the PlayStation 2.

Since being introduced in May 1997, the Austin Powers franchise has generated more than $US550 million in worldwide box office, television and video sales and rentals.

It is understood the games will be developed by Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar GamesJack of All Games(02) 9482 3455

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