More Web-creation wisdom needed

More Web-creation wisdom needed

As more and more people get Internet-connected every day, the role of Web site developers in the way businesses and individuals communicate their messages over the Web is changing too.

Developers are no longer just geeks with computer skills and a flair for design. Instead, they are becoming marketing and public relations strategists responsible for the way the world will perceive a business with a Web presence.

Yet, according to James Hearne, managing director of Melbourne-based Hearne Web Publishing, many developers still do not understand the diverse needs of Internet users and fail to observe some of the most basic rules of Web site development.

`Everyone who uses the Internet wants it to work in the most efficient way possible,' Hearne asserted.

According to Hearne, there are several `Web wisdoms' that all developers should observe in order to create user-friendly sites. He cites interactivity and comprehensiveness, the security of Internet transactions and the protection of the user's privacy amongst the most important ones.

However, he claims the most important skill is to remember that `a good site needs intuitive programmers with an ability to interpret what users want to make their visit to the site worthwhile'.

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