Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Oracle ports software to Project MonterayOracle has announced that it will port its software to Project Monterey, an IBM-led initiative to consolidate Unix operating systems on the Itanium processor.

The Itanium is Intel's 64-bit chip due to be shipped in the first half of next year.

Oracle said it will deliver all of its applications, including enterprise resource planning and database software, simultaneously for Project Monterey after it is available on Itanium.http// development to grow furtherThe growth of electronic commerce is fuelling rapid expansion in the Web site development industry, which has reached $US10 billion this year, according to analyst ActiveMedia Research.

The average investment for e-commerce Web site development this year, excluding those run by ISPs, is about $US37,000, the research firm's report says.

Titled Real Numbers Behind 'Net Profits, the report found that media/portal houses made the highest investments, averaging about $78,000 per site; business-to-consumer sites selling exclusively online invested an average of $68,000; and retail and business sites spent an average of $25,000.

Developers of European Web sites spent $77,000 per site, twice as much as their North American counterparts.

Spending by Web site companies that anticipated achieving profit- ability within two to five years ($59,000) was greater than that reported by firms that were already profitable or were expecting to report profits very soon ($26,000), the report says.http://www.activemedia.comHotMedia to make Java even hotterIBM has released an updated version of HotMedia, its toolkit for building Java-based audiovisual presentations on the Web.

Version 2.5 adds streaming audio with selectable quality for trading off bandwidth or the listening experience, plus a way to batch-process high volumes of media content.

The software is downloadable for free for individual use.

For software vendors using the technology to create commercial products, IBM licenses the toolkit on a case-by-case basis.

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