Dataworks revs Bananas, Wiggles

Dataworks revs Bananas, Wiggles

Retailers large and small can catch the wave of early childhood CD-ROM titles from self-proclaimed edutainment publisher and distributor Dataworks.

According to managing director John Thomas, Dataworks has brought out the big guns to snare the anticipated Christmas season sales of the Wiggles and Bananas titles, which he described as `great value stocking options'.

He said that both titles have been very strong over the last two Christmas sales seasons, and they have added `The Wiggly Circus' and a new Play School CD to the range.

Thomas said that Dataworks has put together attractive in-store promotions designed to help large and small retailers meet demand this Christmas for the early childhood brands. `For larger stockers we're offering dedicated in-store display stands for each of the three most popular titles - The Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas and Play School.

`For smaller stockers we're offering a single combined stand that offers all three brands in one stand. In both cases, the stands are free, provided the retailer takes the 18 units required to fill each stand. Each unit has a recommended retail price of $49.95.'

Also, the multi-award-winning Bananas in Pyjamas titles, It's Fun Time and It's Party Time, are being offered by Dataworks as part of a two-for one promotion.

The pack contains a full boxed edition of It's Party Time and a jewel case edition of It's Fun Time for a recommended retail price of $49.95.

Dataworks Australia

(03) 9764 8344

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