Enterprise Solutions- briefs

Enterprise Solutions- briefs

Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

Ericssys' and 'Unisson' to collaborate

Ericsson will market Unisys' e-@ction universal messaging solution to wireline service providers around the world, the two companies announced recently. The e-@ction universal messaging solution provides subscribers with access to voicemail, fax and e-mail messages through a land-line phone, mobile or Web-based PC. Universal messaging has a media conversion capability that allows subscribers to retrieve messages previously inaccessible, according to Unisys. The technology also allows the user to retrieve, listen to, compose and send voice messages.

These can then be saved as .wav files, which can be attached to e-mail and sent to someone on a voice mail system other than Unisys.

Praxa's good results

Praxa has announced an increase in revenue of 37 per cent from $100 million for financial year 98 to $137 million this year. Staff levels have jumped over three years from 400 in 97 to 570 in 99. Praxa's CEO George Sutherland said the good result was from increased sales and better marketing to customers where Praxa matched its staff skills to its customer needs.

SGI demonstrates new super computing

A special session at the US SuperComputing '99 conference last month demonstrated the first ever cluster based on the Intel IA-64 ItaniumTM processor, SGI revealed last week. The demonstration of a cluster of Itanium processor-based systems running on Linux provided a glimpse at the future of high-performance computing, the company said. SGI has broken new ground and claims the Itanium processor-based cluster and technical computing application successfully running on the Linux platform for IA-64 are world firsts. The technology demonstration on the Itanium processor-based cluster was comprised of open source software, SGI said.

One of the speakers at the con- ference, Larry Smarr, director of National Computational Science Alliance, said the high-performance computing community is at a junction - they have to decide whether to continue as they have on the same path or to move toward a new model of high-performance computing based on commodity, high-volume parts and common software building blocks. SGI is hoping the demonstration will enable breakthrough levels of performance, scalability and availability from Itanium processor-based servers and work-stations in the second half of 2000.

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