Retail Solutions- Briefs

Retail Solutions- Briefs

Retail Solutions- Briefs

Dreamcast ships, browser left on the dockThe much-anticipated PlayStation-killing Sega Dreamcast games console was reported to have been shipped last week, but may not be able to meet its Internet-enabled promise `until early next year, maybe February', according to a spokesperson for distributor Ozisoft.

The release in Australia had already been delayed by a month because of reported shipping difficulties. The current glitch in its path to the Australian market is the delay in the availability of the browser software.

Although Internet enablement has been one of the major selling points of the new gaming platform, `it's still a great games console, and retailers and customers wanted the machine now', the spokesperson declared. Major retailers have already been advised that there will not be another shipment until January.

QVS unleashes adventure games

QV Software, distributor of educa- tional and home entertainment software products, has released two his- torical adventure games: Crusader - adventure out of time and Vikings - adventure out of time.

Described by QVS as `simply brilliant with crisp audio and 3D rendered graphics spread across multiple CDs', the Crusader and Vikings titles are `an absorbing way to learn about people, places and history of times long ago'.

According to the distributor, using the latest blue-screen technology from Hollywood, real-life actors are incorporated into the animated scenes giving the impression you are really part of a snow-covered valley or inside a castle.

Both titles are based on authenticated historical background and maps of the period, and are said to be `as accurate as possible in their representation of the world as it was then'.

To assist gamers, there are several historical databases provided on such topics as warfare, science, architecture, paintings and more.

QVS (02) 9748 2555

Rock to the Encyclopaedia

Music e-tailer and Encyclopaedia Britannica's online arm have partnered under a sponsorship agreement that will see both parties promoting their brand names in Cyberspace. The site will mirror Britannica's US version until early next year when Britannica intends to bring in more Australian content. As the only platinum sponsor, gains the right to have special `Spotlight' banners on the site.

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