Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Developer Solutions- Briefs

Sun's concerns over Java standard to be airedSun Microsystems' foot-dragging on the standardisation of Java will come to a head on December 16, when a general assembly of the European Computer Manufacturer's Association (ECMA) meets to discuss Sun's concerns over intellectual property rights, a sticking point that could derail the process.

For corporate developers and independent software vendors, the cloak-and-dagger politicking is causing some trepidation and confusion over how and whether Java's standardisation should take shape. At the heart of the matter is whether Java can continue to grow in Sun's long shadow or whether Sun should relinquish control of the technology for it to truly become an open standard.

Sun recently removed its Java specification from consideration by ECMA, which may have adopted Java as a standard, because of concerns about ECMA's rules, or lack thereof, regarding copyright laws.

The best approach may be for Sun to continue shepherding Java until the platform is mature enough to be turned over to a standard like ECMA, said Tom Dwyer, a research director at analyst Aberdeen Group.

Global group to standardise e-comm

The Council for Internet Commerce last week opened the second and final round of voting for a codification of standard electronic-commerce practices, called the Standard for Internet Commerce.

The goal of the standard is to create a set of best practices for increasing consumer confidence in buying online. Voting for the general public was set to continue to December 6 at the Commerce Standard Web site, and officials are urging the public to vote.

The public will be able to shape pol-icy on the following issues: disclosure of who the merchant is and how to contact them; disclosure of return, cancellation, warranty, and support policies; pro- viding confirmation that they have received a consumer's order; giving the consumer a choice as to how the consumer's personal information is used; and creating a central `information centre' available from every page of the site where all information about the merchant's policies and practices can easily be found and understood.

The final version of the Commerce Standard will be unveiled at the Nextravaganza conference in San Francisco on December 14.

The Council for Internet Commerce is an alliance of global leaders including Internet merchants, IT vendors, consumer and community advocates, analysts, journalists, and academics.

The group can be reached at http://

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