Lap . . . er laptop dancing

Lap . . . er laptop dancing

It appears that laptops are dancing out the doors at a number of Sydney IT companies.

Recently, an enterprising thief broke into Inprise's Sussex Street offices and stole four laptops, just weeks after the software firm lost three laptops in a separate burglary. But the question is not `Whodunit?', it's `Howdunit?'

`We live in secure offices within a secure building,' said Inprise's vice president Asia-Pacific Ray Bradbery. `It's possible it's someone who works in the building but we're not sure. I don't know how someone gets into a secure building, steals a box full of laptops and then leaves. It's also possible they were already in the building when we left.' The police are circulating serial numbers to pawnbrokers, but they believe there is little chance of tracking down the high-tech cat burglar.

`It's apparently becoming a more common occurrence,' Bradbery said. `One company lost 40 laptops from a building in the centre of the city. The frightening part is the impact on the business, because the computers contained important business data.'

A Com Tech source confirmed the company has also lost several laptops from its Alexandria offices over the last few months. By Fawn Llewellyn

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