OpenView readied for NT

OpenView readied for NT

Fresh off the announcement of its $US200 million global brand campaign, Hewlett-Packard is wasting no time in positioning itself for the new year with plans to offer a new Windows NT version of its OpenView IT/Operations management tool.

HP officials confirmed last week that the company will introduce the new OpenView enterprise management tool in the next few months. The new OpenView IT/Operations model is expected to offer the same capabilities as HP's current Unix-based version.

Besides its Windows NT support, OpenView IT/Operations' new features will include a Windows 2000-based event consolidation console.

One analyst offered kudos to HP for moving `to make sure they stay in the game. It's an excellent idea because it gets them on an ubiquitous platform. I think it's a good move for them,' said Rich Ptak, vice president of systems and application management at analyst the Hurwitz Group. `It makes sense for them to address the needs of an NT-based environment. It opens it up greatly for a much bigger potential client base, especially if they make it easy to implement it and easy to install.'

HP's OpenView IT/Operations is a management tool for uses such as application and network availability management. HP also has a tool called ManageX, which also provides application management, but is not as multifunctional as OpenView.

Ptak said he did not foresee a problem with the integration of ManageX with the new OpenView IT/Operations model, because it should provide the customer with something the applications-restricted ManageX could not - complete network capability.

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